University Pathways

ABEA provide Qualifi accredited qualifications for pathway programs that will facilitate direct entry into final Honours Degree or Post Graduate Masters Degree exemptions to US and Canadian university partners. True to the Qualifi standards, ABEA’s University pathways are flexible and designed to enable student’s success in achieving their qualifications on a full and part time basis.

We work along with employers to develop bespoke programmes and establish or strengthen a learning organisation philosophy where employees are encouraged to take advantage of the academic and professional development opportunities that could lead to them achieving a degree or Masters in the workplace.

ABEA can evaluate the organisation’s employment achievements and offer credit against the qualifications we offer. The fees are affordable and learners enjoy flexibility in the time to complete the learning pathway. See below for examples of options available to a learner who completes:

  • Level 4: Enter Level 5 or year 2 of a University degree
  • Level 5: Enter final year of university degree
  • Level 7: Enter the University to do a dissertation and receive a masters degree
  • Level 7: Can enter Level 8
  • Level 8: May be eligible to progress to a DBA


Additionally, students with:

  • Appropriate work experience may be eligible for credit recognition
  • Appropriate work experience and ABEA Level 5 may be able to bypass the final year of a degree and enter Level 7
  • ABEA can recognise prior learning (RPL) and offer options to transfer to our qualifications


Click on the University of interest to gain more information and identify the pathways, Contact Us for more information and available University options.




An apprenticeship provides students with on-the-job training and an ideal opportunity to work, earn and learn while studying. It also provides them with work experience for their CV, and opens the gateway to gain employment before they complete their studies. An apprenticeship also allows the student to earn above the minimum wage as many employers will increase wages as the apprentice’s skills develop. Working as an apprentice allows students the opportunity to:

  • Study towards a related qualification
  • Gain job-specific skills
  • Work alongside and learn from an experienced staff
  • Earn a wage and get paid during holidays


As an apprentice, it is likely you will get one day per week to study. The duration of the study is dependent on the industry and your apprentice level, and will take one to four years Click here to visit the Government website for more information.


ABEA Apprenticeship


ABEA qualifications support apprenticeships in five major industries – Business and Management, Health and Social Care, Swimming and Aquatics, Coaching and Teaching, and Cyber Security. Students benefit from a combination of on-the-job paid training and classroom study, gaining a nationally recognised qualification at the end.

Levels of apprenticeships offered for both England and Wales frameworks:

  • Intermediate Level (Level 2)
  • Advanced Level (Level 3)
  • Higher Level (Level 4 or higher)


Please Contact Us to find out more about our ABEA apprenticeships.




Students who have never been employed or have little or no work experience in their field of interest can sign up for our traineeship courses. These courses are centred around the delivery of an invaluable work experience, geared towards helping students like you get ready for work or an apprenticeship. A course can last up to 6 months.

Suitable candidates for our traineeship courses are those 16 to 24 years old, those with qualification below Level 3, and those unemployed with little or no work experience. Candidates must be eligible to work in the UK.

ABEA offers a range of qualifications that your Centre can deliver as part of a traineeship. Contact Us to find out how we can support your organisation with your traineeship delivery.




ABEA-approved qualifications improve learners’ employability. We offer courses that are practical, relevant and applicable to the work environment


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