Improving Your Workforce Skills


The more skilled and knowledgeable your workforce, the more they will be able to contribute to the growth and productivity of your company. Making provisions so your employees acquire new skills in-house, more so to gain a UK recognised qualification, will also build employee loyalty.

Each organisation has its own unique needs, and in-house training is a great way to select and customise skills training to suit the specific needs of your organisation. With ABEA you can access regulated qualifications as well as individual units or flexible programmes of study for improving the skills of your workforce. Our team of experts will support you throughout the process.


Bespoke Qualifications


ABEA works along with organisations to develop bespoke, tailored training and development solutions that are aligned with the organisation’s needs. We take a flexible approach to developing these programmes, ensuring that the content and delivery are completely customised to meet the requirements of your organisation. Course delivery can be done on site at a university, on site at your company or at a location of your choice that is agreed on. ABEA also works along with organisations to develop customised award-bearing programmes to suit the needs and context of the entity.

What is your need?

  • Work-based courses


  • Accreditation of in-company training and development programmes


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Improving Employability

ABEA Operations


Quality License Scheme


Our Quality Licence Scheme allows ABEA-certified Providers to gain accreditation from a national Awarding Organisation (AO), offering you the requisite support to ensure your courses are of a high standard.

This licence allows you the freedom to develop courses best suited for the needs of employers and learners, and that meet government objectives. It gives your organisation the flexibility to tailor courses to specific markets.

Recognition from ABEA’s Quality Licence Scheme demonstrates to your stakeholders your commitment to delivering high quality learning. It also stands as proof that you have been endorsed by a leading national awarding organisation.

Getting ABEA Approved

Our team of specialists will evaluate, review and provide guidance on how to develop your courses within a quality framework to gain recognition which will show you how to deliver a high-quality learning experience. As a part of our Quality Licence Scheme (QLS), ABEA uses the following criteria to review and quality assure your provision, ensuring that you meet the high standards that organisations must meet to be ABEA certified:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Resources
  • Quality of Courses
  • Delivery and Quality Assurance


Post Approval

ABEA approved Providers will be able to enjoy special benefits such as:

  • Promoting your courses with the ABEA Quality Licence Scheme logo;
  • Have access to our online portal;
  • Featured on our website list of ABEA Quality Licence Scheme Approved Providers.
  • Owning courses approved by the ABEA Quality Licence Scheme
  • Your learners will receive an ABEA-branded Certificate of Achievement


Advisory Support

Providers are guaranteed help and support from ABEA’s team of knowledgeable and experienced auditors before, during and after your Quality Licence Scheme audit. We provide both remote and/or onsite support that is tailored to your needs.



The fees for international Providers vary. Please Contact Us for more information.


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