Qualifications Development and Programme Endorsement

Having programmes endorsed or developed into a regulated qualification offers invaluable benefits to both the centre and its learners. Endorsing your existing programmes is a great way to raise the centre’s profile and enhance the training and development activities. Learners benefit from gaining access to more opportunities. ABEA will endorse your existing programme once it satisfies the regulated requirements or you can opt to have it developed into a regulated qualification.


ABEA endorsed programmes build trust as it gives stakeholders confidence that your programme was designed to the highest standards, and is relevant to the needs of participants. ABEA will award learners a certificate of attendance that outlines the endorsed learning outcomes of your programme.

Development of Regulated Qualifications

Qualifications that adhered to high standards during the development process are listed on Ofqual’s register of regulated qualifications, a resource that is highly regarded by universities and other Higher Education Providers. This register also maps to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

What’s Next

Centres interested in obtaining information on time-scales, costs and benefits are asked to complete the ‘Information Request’ form or contact us by Contact Us form.

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