Withdrawal of qualifications and Units

  1. Association of British Education Awards (ABEA) will not progress an approval request or will withdraw an existing qualification approval in the following circumstances:
  • Where new centres fail to provide the required evidence which would demonstrate their readiness to deliver and assess the qualifications for which they have applied;
  • Where new centres do not enrol any learners on a qualification during the first two years following approval;
  • Where an existing centre has been inactive for a period of three years
  • Where a sanction at level 3 has been imposed (see Appendix 1 Sanctions Table, Sanctions Policy)


2 Centre Withdrawal

2.1 Centres which decide to relinquish their qualification approval status must:

  • Give ABEA at least one months notice of their intention to withdraw;
  • Put appropriate plans in place to allow claims for full / credit certification to which learners may be entitled;
  • Follow ABEA guidelines to ensure learners are not disadvantaged throughout the process.


2.2 Following such withdrawals, centres will be required to go through the qualification approval process again if they choose to offer the relinquished qualification approval at a future date.

3 Quality Assurance

3.1 This policy and guidance is reviewed annually to ensure it continues to meet the needs of ABEA, its centres and the Regulators (Ofqual in England).