Fees and Charges Policy

To outline the Association of British Education Awards (ABEA’s) policy regarding Fees and charges for ABEA qualifications to its centres.

1 About our fees

ABEA aim to be as transparent and open as possible about our fees and charges. Current rates on fees and charges are available on our website www.abea.org.uk and may be subject to change from time to time. Please submit an enquiry at info@abea.org.uk to ascertain the current fees for all charges outlined in this policy. Your email should bear the title, “Fees Enquiry.

1.1 Annual Approval Fees and Learner Registration Fees are chargeable for each unit of study. Current fees for each programme are available on our website. We reserve the right to:

  • alter entry fees at any time, although this would not normally be done without giving you adequate notice
  • refuse to accept entries from a centre, if the centre has a debt outstanding to us at the date of submission of entries
  • withhold certificates from a centre if it has a debt outstanding to us at the date of issue of certificates.
  • As a general rule all fees will increase at a rate of 8% per annum, however ABEA retain the right to adjust this amount where necessary.

2 Other Charges

2.1 External Examiner Visit Fees

2.1.1 A flat rate fee will be charged for all visits involving one qualification at Levels 2, 3, 4, & Level 6.

2.1.2 An additional 50% will be charged if more than one qualification is subject to an External Examiner visit on the same day.

3 External Examiner Desktop Fees

3.1 On occasion, it may be best that instead of an external examiner visit, the work is done at ABEA as a desktop examination. This is usually the case where there are only a few learners, or if a learner is doing a resit.

For this purpose, fees will be per learner. This fee is not applicable where the work is marked at ABEA as a matter of procedure.

4 Replacement Certificate / Statement Fees

4.1 Centres have one month to report missing certificates in order to obtain a free replacement. After this date there will be a charge.

4.2 Once certificates have been issued, there will be a charge for each certificate to replace certificates lost or damaged by the Centre or to amend personal details (e.g. to correct misspellings). Replacement certificates will only be issued for 12 months from the date of issue. After this date, centres must apply instead for certifying statements or results.

5 Transfer of Learners / Late Registration Fees

5.1 Administration fees will be payable for the transfer of learners from one centre to another or for late registration. Current fees can be found on our website.

6 Post-Results Services

ABEA offers the following post-result services which incur an additional fee. Please submit an enquiry at info@abea.org.uk to ascertain the current fees.

  • Clerical re-check per learner (for e-assessments and written papers)
  • Review of marking per learner (for filmed assessments)
  • 2nd Review of marking per learner
  • 2nd Review of marking per learner, issued with individual report
  • Review of moderation results/reports
  • Review of group entry, with report

7 Cancellation & re-scheduling of assessment fees

7.1 Cancellations and re-scheduling of assessments will incur a fee along with an additional administration charge, both of which are detailed on our website. All re-scheduling of assessments by centres must take place within 6 months of the original date of assessment.

8 Consultation visit & Centre-based training fees

8.1 Where a request has been made to ABEA for a consultation visit, or to provide training for centre based staff, a fee will be chargeable.

9 Re-sit Fees

9.1 Re-sits are normally allowed in the following instances:

  • Where a learner needs to re-do a receptive skills assessment;
  • Where a learner needs to re-do any of the Cultural and Linguistics assessments or any other assessment which is marked at ABEA

9.2 Learners who need to do any of the above re-sits in order to achieve the full qualification may apply through their Centre to undertake the re-sits, to the mutual arrangement of the Learner and the Centre. The material supplied for the re-sit will be different from the original material in which the Learner may not have achieved the required PASS marks, and there will be a separate assessment number for the re-taken assessment. Because of this, there will be a charge applicable to each re-sit that the Learner takes. The date of the re-sit must not be less than two weeks from the original assessment.

9.3 If re-sits of any other type of assessment, after the visit of the External Examiner, are required due to the External Examiner not accepting any assessments submitted with the coursework files, or due to the External Examiner not accepting the standard of the final “live” assessments, the charges will depend on the type of re-sit required.

10 Quality Assurance

10.1 This policy and guidance is reviewed annually to ensure it continues to meet the needs of ABEA, its customers and the Regulators – Ofqual in England.