Become a Centre

The process for becoming an ABEA Centre is very easy and straightforward. Our qualifications are simple yet very well developed, and our team of experts are readily available and will work with you all the way.

As an ABEA Centre you’ll enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Access to a variety of high quality, UK recognised qualification pathways and training
  • A-class customer service – friendly, responsive and professional
  • Designated Centre Support Officer for each industry area of qualification
  • Moderators and Examiners with subject-specific knowledge and experience as your support system
  • Regardless of the size of your centre, there are no annual fee charges and no minimum registration requirements
  • Use of the ABEA Awards Recognised Centre logo


How to Become An ABEA Accredited Training Centre

Step 1 – Fees

At ABEA, we are keen on working with quality organisations that know what they want, may not know all the answers, and understand the importance of having the right people on your side.

  • Regardless of your size, we won’t charge you an annual fee.
  • We charge only for the work we need to do.
  • If your Centre was already approved by another legitimate UK-awarding organisation you may not need to be visited by our team.
  • If your Centre has not been approved by another regulated UK-awarding organisation, our team of experts will need to visit your location to ascertain if you have in place the appropriate systems and procedures required for you to become a Recognised Centre. We work to ensure the process is administered in the shortest time possible.

Download our Centre Recognition guidance document for more information.

Step 2 – Applying

Centres are required to download and fill out two simple forms then submit them to us via email. You are encouraged to be a detailed as possible when filling out the forms. Additional evidence will help us speed up the process.

  • Form 1
  • Form 2


Step 3 – Await our response

We work hard to ensure applications are processed in the shortest possible time but we are also thorough in what we do. Should the process take longer than anticipated and you have not heard from us in what you consider a reasonable time, please get in touch.


Existing Centres – Broaden Your Delivery


We invite existing centres to take advantage of our qualification offerings and broaden their delivery to their student population. Offering a range of high-quality accredited programmes not only increases your ability to attract more students, but it also increases your competitiveness and status as a top institution.