Apply online for Further Qualifications

ABEA’s comprehensive qualifications portfolio offer education centres a range of options that are suitable for expanding their programme offerings to their learners. Additionally, if your Centre has its own programme that has the potential to become a regulated qualification, our team of experts will work closely with you to design and develop a qualification that meets all the regulatory requirements of the relevant skills sector we offer.

Features of our qualifications portfolio:

  • Includes units that are common across different sectors, giving learners the opportunity to crossover between sectors and even delay their decision on which area to specialise in
  • Contains a number of units that are suitable for professional development for employees, or for learners hampered by time constraints to undertake a full-time programme
  • Offers flexible methods of assessment that allow tutors to select and use the methods most suitable for their learners

If you are uncertain of what qualifications to select, we will assist you in identifying which is best suited for your programme offering. Please review the qualifications we offer then fill out the application form below.