Why Choose ABEA

We are education experts, empowering you to grow your brand and add value to your students’ future aspirations.

ABEA is a new enterprise, founded by education professionals with very many years of experience between them. The company was founded out of the vision of the founders to help education institutions all over the world to progress their organisations by achieving their goal to offer world-class qualifications to their communities.

We make it easier for international students to obtain high-quality diploma qualifications in the areas of Business and Management, Health and Social Care, Cyber Security and in Travel and Tourism etc. that will allow them to qualify for higher entry into Bachelor’s degree programmes in UK, Canadian, US, Australian and New Zealand universities.


We are student centric

Our services place strong focus on the students and their ability to easily access world-class qualifications which they can use to gain entry into top institutions anywhere; increase their employability; and to be a top performer in the workplace.

We are quality centric

Awarding your program essentially puts our reputation on the line. That is why we work closely with our awarded organisations, ensuring they maintain the standards required to remain accredited.

We are forward thinking

At ABEA, we understand globalisation and the ever expanding demands of the global workforce for highly qualified professionals that readily fulfill the needs of the workforce. By making it possible for local training institutions all over the world to offer their locals Ofqual approved Diplomas through our partner Qualifi, we open the doors of international higher education to an even greater pool of progressive, education seeking students.

Partnering with us will help to put your organisation on the map of sought after educational institutions, making it easier for you to grow and establish your brand, and to fill your programs.

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