Welcome to ABEA

ABEA offers, through Qualifi, accreditation for an impressive range of Ofqual qualifications that are reviewed, recognised and monitored by UK Regulators to ensure they are compliant with specific criteria and quality standards.

ABEA is a partner of Qualifi which is an Ofqual certified accreditation awarding body that serves education centres all over the world, offering diploma qualifications in the areas of Business and Management, Health and Social Care, Cyber Security and in Travel and Tourism etc. These approved Diplomas can qualify for direct entry into year one, two or three of Bachelor’s degree programmes in UK, Canadian, US, Australian and New Zealand universities. ABEA satellite education centres can also benefit from this recognition through the provision of pathway programmes.

As an Ofqual recognised awarding organisation, Qualifi must at all times meet the regulating body’s stringent rules and General Conditions of Recognition, satisfying the regulators that they are, and will remain, compliant, designing and awarding regulated qualifications for education centres. Qualifi is duty bound by this prestigious recognition to ensure that its approved centres meet the same standard, and that the assessments administered meet the validity and reliability criteria set by the regulating body.

ABEA takes its job of serving you seriously, and is dedicated to the vision of enhancing the international education sector. We are thorough in executing our duties, ensuring that the criteria related to governance, integrity, resources and expertise, as set out in Ofqual’s Recognition Criteria, are met consistently, and without fail.