Team Profiles


Darren completed his education in England at Nottingham Trent University and City University, London.

He was also educated at the University of Queensland, Monash University and the Australian Catholic University.

Darren has taught widely at both universities and colleges and specialises in Finance, Quantitative Analysis, Marketing & Research Methodology. He has also worked as a Management Consultant, Management Accountant, Corporate Trainer, Corporate Advisor and Financial Controller.

Darren is currently Principal of the London School of Executive Education and Director of London Training Services.




Sandy took two Bachelor’s Degrees – Philology and in Economics – in Romania before completing her PhD at the University of Derby.

She has substantial teaching experience at various colleges and universities. She is the author of many published academic articles.

Sandy is currently Principal of the London School of Health and Social Science.




Luke took a Law Degree at the University of Liverpool then a Master’s Degree in law from Queen Mary, University of London.

He also holds the Diploma in Comparative Law from the University of Pescara, Italy.

Luke has widespread experience in both the public and private sectors as a Law lecturer.

He was a Senior Lecturer in Law at Anglia Ruskin University. His main teaching interests are in Land Law and Company Law.