Message from the President

I welcome you to ABEA.

ABEA is a forward-thinking company focused on enriching the local and international education sectors by providing education institutions and learners the world over with easy access to world- class qualifications, thereby helping to supply employers worldwide with a highly trained and knowledgeable workforce that can help their organisations keep pace in a rapidly changing global workplace.

We strongly believe that helping education institutions worldwide achieve their goal to offer world-class qualifications to their local communities is the key to advancing the global workforce and ultimately the global economy. Our ambition is to reach out to all potential learners wherever they may be located.

We provide education institutions across the globe with high-quality diploma qualifications that are suited to meet the needs of learners. Our ABEA qualifications also allow education centres to make their mark in satisfying the demands of global industry for a well- prepared and highly-skilled workforce. We also work closely with employers to empower and keep their employees highly engaged by providing a learning organisation philosophy where employees are encouraged to take advantage of the academic and professional development opportunities that could lead to them achieving a degree or even a Masters qualification (through our university pathways) in the workplace.

Profound change is taking place in the global environment, and diverse forces are transforming the dynamics of how individuals and entities operate and interact. ABEA takes a proactive approach by helping stakeholders address that change and transformation through high quality regulated UK and other prestigious international qualifications.

We strive to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders through total support and engagement. We are pleased to be a key player in helping learners, education centres and employers achieve their goals.

Professor Dr John White, LLB Hons, Dip Crim (Cantab), PhD
President and Chair of the Board

Association of British Education Awards (ABEA)